energy centre

We are proposing to use proven energy recovery technology which is widely used across Europe. The technology provider, HoST, has a number of operational plants which are working to stringent emissions limits. The technology is being deployed in the UK by Bio Global Industries who have three other projects going through the planning process in Falkirk, Essex and London.

The Energy Centre would take around 75,000 tonnes per year of commercial and industrial waste and use it to create low carbon energy. Waste left after recycling is combusted in a furnace under tightly controlled conditions. Heat generated by the process is used to create steam which powers a turbine creating electricity which can be fed directly to local businesses or to the National Grid. When the steam comes out of the turbine it is cooled and turned back into water. The heat that is drawn off will be piped into the Plastics Recovery Plant.

There are two types of ash left over from the energy recovery process – bottom ash and fly ash. Metals are extracted from the bottom ash and sent for recycling. The remaining ash can be recycled as an aggregate in the construction industry. The fly ash is collected and safely disposed of at specialist facilities off site.

An example of the HoST technology

An example of the HoST technology

plastics recovery plant

The Plastics Recovery Plant will use a proven technology from a German company called WiPA, which is used in many locations around Europe. The plant will take around 30,000 tonnes per year of waste plastic and use it to create plastics granules for use in new products.

The plastic waste (such as plastic bags, film and containers) is processed through friction plates which breaks it down into granules. This material can then be used to create new products like garden furniture and decking.

An example of the WiPA technology

An example of the WiPA technology

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